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Do you want to be able to formulate Soapmaking Recipes wherever you are and not go running to your computer every time you need to make a change? You need the Bramble Berry Soapmaking Mobile App.Take the guesswork out of formulating your own soapy recipe! The Bramble Berry Soapmaking Calculator/Mobile App will accurately calculate saponification (SAP) values for more 60 oils with superfatting ranges up to 20%, allowing you to formulate soapmaking recipes wherever you are and edit them on the fly. The calculator also allows you to easily adjust the yield of your batches so you can use your favorite recipe with any size mold.
The app comes pre-loaded with 6 recipes. You can edit those recipes or make your own from scratch. When you're done soaping, take a photo of the soap to go with its batch card and then share the recipe with friends and fellow soapmakers via email or Twitter. The app works in grams and ounces and allows editing in percentages. Each recipe and batch comes with a NOTES section for you to customize your recipes. Happy soaping!
NEW FEATURES in Soap v. 2.0 for Android:
* A list of the all finished batches you have curing. You can even set yourself a reminder so you know exactly when your soap is ready for sale or use! * Easily share finished batches and photos with friends via email or Twitter. * Option to create and edit recipes specifying oils as a percentage as well as continued support for editing them in either ounces or grams. * Easily take photos of your soap to include with each batch. * The navigation bar appears on all screens, making it even easier to return to the Home screen to start a new recipe, and to access the Preferences screen and Information screen.
NEW FEATURES in Soap v. 2.1 for Android: * Save your entire recipe library in one email - choose "Email All Recipes" from the Recipe List screen. * New high-resolution screen icons added * Added ability to navigate to both the Bramble Berry Store and the Soap Queen Blog - from About-this-App screen.